Hooky Gear


A suitcase in the boot is always packed full of 'hooky gear', memorabilia and props!



  • Original 80's 'brick' mobile.
  • Bottled Peckham Spring Water.
  • Tacky jewellery.
  • Blow up doll.
  • 80's cocktail shaker.
  • Del Boy, Rodney, & Uncle Albert driving licences.
  • Del Boy's business card & cheque book and ’funny money’.
  •  80's sunglasses.
  • 'Fools and Horses' electronic sound effects.
  • Del Boy & Rodney latex masks.
  • Del Boy's sheepskin jacket.
  • Del’s cap, cigar, jewellery & filofax
  • Uncle Albert's jacket, beard & hat.


...and much more!

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